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  • Rapid Increase in Strength and Lean Mass
  • Promotes Muscle Fullness and Vascularity
  • Support Mental Focus and Drive
  • Powerful Recomposition Effects
  • Non-Hormonal

Myostane is an extremely powerful, clinically tested, consumer approved performance and strength enhancing compound with profound effects on muscle building and fat loss helping users to get leaner, harder and stronger. Myostane is a 100% natural and non-hormonal supplement making it safe for both men and women as well as tested athletes to consume.

Myostane targets specific pathways within the body to deliver it’s one of a kind results with the most important being PPAR receptor activation.  By binding to these receptors Myostane is able to increase the bodies’ expenditure of energy as well as utilization of lipids as a fuel source making it an extremely effective product for enhancing muscular endurance allowing users to push harder, increase training intensity and  time under tension.  By stimulating fatty acid oxidation, Myostane not only burns more fat as fuel but also frees up more glucose and protein to be absorbed by working muscles instead of being burned off or stored as fat.  This is important as Myostane also enhances blood flow and nitric oxide
levels as well as stimulates glucose uptake allowing it to drive these free flowing anabolic nutrients to working muscles promoting increased training capacity and force output as well as elevated endurance and rapid recovery...not to mention one hell of a muscle pump and fullness that last a lot longer than just when you’re training or lifting.  All of this is further enhanced by Myostane’s ability to directly and indirectly raise acetylcholine levels in the body.  Not only does this important chemical have positive effects on mood and cognitive functions but is also the chemical messenger responsible for signalling proper muscle contraction in both smooth and cardiac muscle.    
So what does all of this mean for you?  You will be lifting heavier, pushing harder and training more frequently due to the rapid increase in muscle endurance and decline in recovery time between workouts leading to better and faster results. Muscle strength, fullness and definition will become more prominent as you burn off more body fat and utilize nutrients more efficiently building more lean muscle and avoiding fat storage leading to a leaner, harder and more vascular physique.  All of this from a natural and legal supplement that doesn’t just look good on paper but has actually been tried, tested and proven to work by thousands of people looking for these exact results. 

Pick up a few bottles of Myostane now and experience the results for yourself!