At Ceuticore Nutrition, it is of the utmost importance to us that you know how much we care about the potency, purity, honesty, and results of our products. Therefore, a core mission of our R&D team is to stay at the forefront of nutritional science and ingredient research. We also monitor and ensure the potency and quality control throughout the entire development process. We are here to service your needs through the development of ground-breaking products.


We visualize and assess the physiological needs of the body in relation to the desired effects and actions of the product in mind. Through the precise evaluation of multiple pathways and systems within the body, we can better understand what is needed and begin research for our new products.

Ingredient Research:

Extensive research goes into each ingredient considered for our formulas. We review and evaluate clinical data, bioavailability, absorption rates, half-life, purity, safety, efficacy and many other characteristics in order to ensure its place within our product. We currently work with select suppliers and a drug discovery company, which has developed proprietary technology to isolate, purify and stabilize pharmaceutically active components from precise sources. Working directly with ingredient suppliers ensures that our formulas contain only the purest and most effective ingredients.

Formulation and Development:

We first examine the effects of each ingredient on the body separately, at precise doses, to ensure the desired results. We then closely monitor the effects of each ingredient in combination with the other carefully selected compounds, to further enhance the products effectiveness, eliminating ingredients that fail to deliver the results we require. We then hand it over to our team of chemical engineers who examine the structure of the formulation, thereby developing a custom delivery system to ensure maximum results and effects through enhanced delivery within the body.

Product Testing:

Once we are confident in the selection of ingredients and their delivery, we manufacture a sample batch for our athletes to test. We explore and examine the effects of the product on all levels of physical aspects, such as but not limited to athletic performance, muscle and strength gains, training volume, body composition, cardiovascular, mental focus, drive, and endurance. We want to ensure the claims and effects we say about our products are clinically tested and hold true. After we receive feedback and the athlete’s personal experience with the product, we tweak out any imperfections before it is approved. These steps ensure that we are bringing you the most scientifically advanced, clinically tested products on the market demonstrated to work!

Regulatory Compliance:

We enforce the highest standards of quality control, which is why each one of our products is produced in a state of the art Pharmaceutical Quality, government inspected facility which adheres to the highest standards by following strict current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). In fact, we label cGMP on each product to represent how much quality control means to us and to ensure that you are getting what you paid for. Each ingredient that is brought in for manufacturing is screened and tested for purity and quality before the formulation process begins. Once completed, a sample batch of the finished product is validated for safety and efficacy, and a small sample is kept on hand for future reference. Labels are reviewed to ensure accuracy of claims before they go on the products, so that you can rest assured you are receiving exactly what the label states. We go through this process to give you confidence that each batch of our products are strictly controlled to ensure safety, potency and effectiveness.

It is by these guidelines we have set forth that allow Ceuticore Nutrition to remain committed to researching and producing the highest quality, effective supplements on the market today.